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I am your Dating Coach Bestie here to give you:

  • Personalized 1:1 Coaching to empower you with tailored skills & strategies

  • Exclusive Access to MASTERCLASSES & the Empowered Dating Support Community

  • Online classes to level up your dating & relationship confidence and knowledge



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Meet Adelle

Hi! I'm Adelle,  Your Dating Coach Bestie to help you date smarter

As a Certified Dating & Relationship Coach, wife, mom and recovered "professional" dater I am passionate about helping you through today's crazy world of dating. Through decades of experience, years of being a matchmaker, and fostering countless successful couples and marriages, I personally have experienced the ups and downs of dating. I am here to teach you the skills and resources for your full potential to have the healthy, fun and loving relationship you deserve! 

My Services
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You DO NOT need to feel frustrated, stuck and exhausted from dating. Learn the right strategies and skills to start attracting the RIGHT matches, strengthen your confidence, feel seen and adored by being your authentic self with a man who wants to share life with you.

Stop feeling like giving up and accepting being lonely, the good ones are NOT already taken, and constantly feeling annoyed at dating apps (but still using them) does NOT need to be your battle. You can be in a healthy and happy relationship with a man who loves to laugh with you. 

You are not lost. You just need a better guide.

I created this space JUST FOR YOU after countless women told me what they needed in their dating life. Here is a supportive, motivational space filled with ALL THE GUIDANCE YOU NEED to turn your exhausting dating struggles to the most fun and loving relationship you will ever have! 

Your monthly EXCLUSIVE benefits include...

           Personal access to Certified Dating Coach Adelle Kelleher for support in real time situations, either through community conversation or private confidential direct message.

           Live Monthly Masterclasses! These live classes will focus on a different theme every month that will provide you with the deep dive knowledge and tactics that you can start using today! Topics range from making dating apps actually work for you, the best tactics to effectively meet quality partners in real life, working past dating anxiety to feel confident, and becoming a magnet for men who want to commit to you!

           Live Ask-Me-Anything Sessions! This fun and interactive opportunity will give you the ability to ask all your burning dating and relationship questions for immediate solutions. You can also submit your questions confidentially so there are no boundaries to inquire about whatever you want.


           All-access to an uplifting community with real world coaching tactics to shift your dating experience for the better and attract a high-quality partner for a loving and healthy relationship.


           Reflective Journaling Guide. These guiding prompts evoke a deeper understanding and of your needs, self-worth, and the life you want with the right person by your side.


           Self-Coaching Techniques. Learn the ideology and techniques to set yourself up for success.


           Uplifting support and motivation from other like-minded women. This female only community provides you a safe space to trade uplifting stories and knowledge.


           Monthly membership with no contracts and zero obligations! Only stay because you see that it’s working.


***Valued at over $129, spaces are limited. This is your perfect time to invest in the love you've always imagined.

$39.99 (Valued at $229)  

1 : 1  Personalized Coaching

Empower yourself to attract the high quality partner you deserve

  • 60 minute virtual coaching session

  • 2-3 months of unlimited text and email access with direct access to Adelle

  • Tailored strategies and exercises to accelerate your progress

  • Ongoing accountability and support

  • Sustainable results and life changing knowledge

***Strictly limited positions per month

Benefits Also Include: 

  • Identifying your dating patterns

  • Online dating (your profile) and the do’s & don’ts

  • How to attract quality people for long term commitment

  • What apps to use and avoid

  • Meeting people in real life

  • Where to go to meet quality individuals

  • Differentiating your wants vs. needs in a partner

  • Your brand and how to best represent the best version of you

  • Discovering your relationship strengths

  • Solutions to overcome personalized challenges

  • Dating burnout

  • Dating more vs, smarter

  • Learn the skills and resources to build a fun, happy & healthy relationship

  • Personal guidance on your dating journey from meeting to commitment

Packages starting at $500

What Clients Say

"Adelle's superpower is asking powerful questions. Her masterful approach helped me to explore my own solutions with some tough love when I needed it most."


Nikki, age 38, San Francisco, 

Married 2018

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