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"Adelle's superpower is asking powerful questions. Her masterful approach helped me to explore my own solutions with some tough love when I needed it most."

Nikki, age 38, San Francisco,

Married 2018

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How It Works

Date Coaching is like having a personal trainer for your dating life.
It takes you beyond the mundane of routine dating and makes it exciting again. Coaching Hearts can help you rediscover what is truly important to you in a partner and how to get it.
We identify what is holding you back and break through the clutter of wasting time so you can date smarter and find the love you have been missing.




4 sessions

(video conference or phone call)

Four sessions, preferably once a week, for a month that help you have a better understanding of how to date smarter. Whether its dating online,  meeting people in-person, or revamping the idea of what you are looking for, we explore how to figure out what is important to you, ways to find it, and how to represent yourself in the best way possible.


12 sessions

(video conference or phone call)

Twelve sessions, preferably once a week, for 3 months that help you find patterns that may be holding you back from finding your true happiness. In addition to the One month package, we reevaluate what is important to you for your future goals of a real relationship.  You are provided with the tools to date smarter, quality over quantity, and the resources to attract the right kind of partner.

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Article on love and relationships, highlighted advise given as a relationship expert 



Lifestyle article on Dating in L.A. ;  prominently featured working with Adelle


My Journey as a Coach


I have always had a flare for helping people see things in a different way. I have been lucky enough that I have had an array of experiences in a kaleidoscope of worlds...

    Broadway, musical theater

        Politics, president of my college

            Entertainment Publicist, top television studios

                    Community Development, non-profit sector

                            Brand Marketing, Fortune 100 company

                                    Professional Matchmaker, nationwide premier dating company

...and it all led to this...My years of struggles and knowledge that led to countless epiphanies and resources could help others, and it has! I provide guidance, knowledge, less heartache and more understanding and happiness. With my years of coaching I have seen the difference that coaching makes and the transformation that is possible.

I am here to have a real conversation, a two way discussion where we find out what you truly want, what makes you happy, and how to create that opportunity for you!


My Journey in Love

After decades of dating I knew something needed to change.

No one seems to know the rules anymore. Technology is supposed to make life easier but its only made dating more inefficient and cold.


After college I tried everything but I felt like dating was an exhausting chore. I then forced myself out of my comfort zone, worked with professionals, and had difficult conversations that helped me realize that I was the one standing in my own way. It was only through this difficult process that I realized, it doesn't have to be this hard...That’s when I was able to open myself up to the right person, and I met David.


Since then, we got married, bought a house and had a beautiful baby boy. Years later and endless hours of coaching others I am grateful to help save others the agony I went through. The romantic in me still is in love with love. However, the realist in me knows that this was not an easy journey.


Stop waiting for love to find you. Now it's your time to find your happy ending.

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Story on modern dating;  highlighted as a contributor and benefits of outsourcing


Codebreaker Podcast; segment interviewed  on

Love and Tech


"Adelle brings clarity and a sense of self worth. Invaluable!"

- Adam, age 39, Los Angeles, CA, married 2018

"Adelle helped me figure out what was really important for me in a life partner, not just for dating."

- Kevin, age 38, Los Angeles, CA, married 2017

"Adelle is a woman who helps you to remove any of the final questions about what you want in love and with a partner. It was through my discussions with her that really hit home for me. Upon meeting my (now) fiancé, I know I have Adelle to thank for helping bring to light some of those little things that have now become my favorite moments with him."


- Katie, age 41, Los Angeles, CA, engaged 2017

"Anyone who’s been on Tinder for more than three minutes can tell you, it is not great for one’s sense of self-worth. Working with Adelle did the opposite. After every conversation, I felt a little better about myself, about my options.

I stood a little taller. It was a nice feeling.”

- Jason Holtham, Los Angeles, CA, featured writer on dating in LA,  Thrillist

Adelle has a gift for helping you discover yourself in ways you didn't realize. That guidance helped me to approach dating in a more authentic way. What I learned is that dating isn't a science, it's an art."

- Lisa, age 32, Portland, OR,

In a relationship 2018

"She is like your favorite pair of jeans, your go to when you need that pick me up confidence as you tackle the dating world."

- Alison, age 37, Los Angeles, CA, married 2018

"Through Adelle's own experience she has learned what's truly important in a partner and she is able to help others achieve the same. Having Adelle in your corner is a blessing and may be the extra push you need to succeed in your own dating journey."

- Talia Goldstein, CEO, Three Day Rule, matchmaking company

"You need to know what is important to you before you can be important to someone else"
- Adelle Kelleher

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