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The Same Skills That Produce Success Also Help You Find Love! (Spoiler: You are already doing it.)

It’s one of the biggest frustrations I hear from the most successful professionals. They are focused on their professional ambitions or have a demanding career and simply don’t have the time, energy, or mental capacity to date. Yet, this is when weeks will quickly fade to years and they find themselves in a lonely life with no one to share their success.

The good news is that the EXACT attributes that you have used in your professional ambitions can also be applied to finding the right partner for you, NO EXTRA WORK REQUIRED!

Here are 3 Hot Tips that you probably are already doing but dont even know it to help you date smarter...

HOT TIP #1: When you are out and about, running errands, at the subway station, getting groceries, picking up your prescriptions, anything out of your professional work environment, be present in your surroundings. This means put your phone away. Yes, you read that correct. No social media scrolling, no emails, no phone. Instead, look up and at the people in your shared space. Roll your shoulders back and don’t be afraid to make eye contact. You will be surprised how many people will look back with a smile. (Added Bonus: this will help turn on your subconscious mind for a better work life balance.) This instantly connects you and if someone seems interesting, attractive, or simply peaked your interest, you now have an opportunity to say hello and strike up a conversation.

HOT TIP #2: If you want to progress your career you don’t sit at a desk hoping it happens. Instead, you make the effort to tell your manager your intentions. Working at finding the right significant other follows the same principles. Tell your friends and the people you trust that you are ready to meet someone. (Added bonus: your friends know you best and will instantly act as your personal publicist). Let your friends go out to their networks to see who they think might be a good fit. Be open to the opportunity to being set up, all the work has been done for you.

HOT TIP #3: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! You are not going to meet anyone sitting at your desk. You need to get out and network to meet new people. Make an effort to go to the company event, after work happy hour, or professional mixer. These events are great for your professional advancement. But they are also fantastic at meeting other like-minded singles. (Added bonus: you don’t have to add another item on your to-do list if you are already attending events for work.) This is one of the most organic opportunities to meeting someone that you have a true connection with, both physically and mentally.

The Bottom Line: You are a busy person but that doesn’t need to be an excuse. You are already doing so much that can be applied to your personal love life. Remember that you are working hard to create a life you are proud of. Don’t let yourself be disappointed that you never prioritized your own love. That is a goal that you will be happy to cross off your list.

You got this!

Adelle Kelleher is a Certified Dating & Relationship Coach for the modern world and Founder of Coaching Hearts Consulting. Through years of being a professional matchmaker, personal dating experience, fostering countless long-term relationships and marriages, she developed a uniquely personalized and honest approach to finding love. If you are ready to find the love you’ve been missing, sign up for a free consultation HERE.



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