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What is True Love?

Asking the question "what is true love" is like asking to describe one of the most visceral and raw emotions we have as humans.

William Shakespeare once said "when love speaks, the voice of all the gods make heaven drowsy with the harmony". The sentiment is sweet but in today's world of ghosting and swiping, how can you describe true love?

The feeling of love, although might be different for each individual, does share the same thing, it's a feeling of devotion and respect. It goes beyond an analytical idea of reason. It is felt in your core, physically and emotionally. Some people describe it as feeling comforted by a warm blanket. Others might say that it's a need to bring happiness to another person.

The scientific community might tell you how feeling in love affects your brain chemicals and physiological response. However, no amount of research can ever tell you how you personally would experience the feeling of true love. Yet, once you feel it, there is no question that Shakespeare got it right and it is harmony at its best.

Adelle Kelleher is a Certified Dating & Relationship Coach for the modern world and Founder of Coaching Hearts Consulting. Through years of being a professional matchmaker, personal dating experience, and fostering countless long-term relationships and marriages, she developed a uniquely personalized and honest approach to finding love. If you are ready to find the love you’ve been missing, sign up for a free consultation HERE.

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