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Top 3 ways to meet quality men, that you are NOT doing but should be!

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Meeting people in real life has always been hard. Meeting QUALITY men plus a world wide pandemic, social media stalking and constant dating app swiping makes it almost impossible! However, there is hope. It takes some effort and a little creativity but it is possible to meet quality men without the endless swiping.

Luckily, I have my top three favorites outlined for you here…

Tip #1 - Make friends with new women

Instead of trying to meet men, try making friends with new women! It can be a lot less intimating to spark up a conversation with a woman at the grocery store or coffee shop. By creating an open dialogue, exchange of numbers, and an invite to hang out once in a while you can open your world. Then, she is able to do the same with you and with any eligible men she knows. By increasing your networking and social circles you increase your opportunities to organically meet someone special.

Tip #2 - Put your phone DOWN

Put your phone down. You KNEW this was coming! It’s the most basic concept. So, why is it so hard to do? We have become programmed that that moment we have a pause in our routines we grab our phones. By training yourself to keep your phone in your pocket it will allow you to pay attention to your surroundings and opportunities to meet new people, catch someone’s eye, or see an event that might be intriguing. That brings me to my next opportunity.

Tip #3 - Get out of your comfort zone

Leave your house and do something different. This one will most likely take you a little out of your comfort zone. A little discomfort is good here because you need to shake things up to change your results. Reclaim the spirited activities that the world has to offer. Go to a concert, hike, spiritual outing, vegan fest, festival, food/wine tasting, dog park, any place that seems fun with like-minded individuals! The real trick is once there, make an effort to be social, strike up conversations and meet new people.

Remember, you got this!

These opportunities may seem simple or even a little uncomfortable at first. However, once you start practicing then it becomes easier. The best part is that they WORK. So instead of sitting at home on the apps, which will most likely not help your single status, take a chance with something new and different. You have nothing to lose but SO much to gain!

You got this!

Adelle Kelleher, Dating Coach @coachingheartsconsulting

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