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Updated: Jun 22, 2022

How do you figure out if he's into you?

How do you know if that friend or coworker of yours wants to be more than friends? Signs these days can be confusing. The reality is that a lot of men don’t know how to show a woman he’s interested these days without concern of crossing a line or that he might be a turn off. To take the guessing out, I have compiled a list of easy to spot signs that signal to you that he is ready for more than just a casual friendship.

He may not show ALL of these signs but there will definitely be more than one…

1. He asks you questions about your day, and actually shows interest.

2. Finds ways to gently touch you, such as your shoulder or wrist.

3. Texts you randomly, even if it's about nothing important.

4. Sends you funny memes/stories/pictures, to get you to laugh.

5. Shares his day with you, and cares what you think.

6. Talks to you about his friends and family, and talks to them about you.

7. Makes eye contact when talking, even if it's for a moment.

8. Positions his body facing you when together, because body language speaks volumes.

9. Willing to share food with you, even in a playful way.

10. Makes sure you are comfortable at an event, even a glance across the room is meaningful.

11. Makes you feel comfortable in a new surrounding, and is thoughtful about your security.

12. Acknowledges your feelings, not just his own.

Signs can look like these or have a completely different vibe depending on factors such as location, culture or personal history. The key take away is to keep an open mind and your observations skills alert. No matter what signs are present, or not, the best way to really tell if he is into you is through good old fashion communication. Words are powerful, and usually pretty easy to understand.

You got this!

Adelle Kelleher, Dating Coach @coachingheartsconsulting

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